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Power of Testimonies

While on our spiritual journey with God, many people find the most compelling stories about God come from the community of believers they already know. If you’re looking for proof of God's ability, ask your peers about their own journey with Christ. Our stories can be so compelling and the most powerful tool we have to demonstrate the love of God and how He has changed our lives to other people.

Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.

1 Chronicles 16:8 KJV

These stories of God’s work in our lives, help us to either to find Him or find strength in Him. We all have one, maybe even several. As we continue in our journey, we will find even more moments where God clearly shows up. Let's share our testimonies!

The first to share her testimony for this series is our dear sister Roberta Cheatham. As you read her testimony, allow her journey to inspire you to face and overcome your individual challenges in life.

If you are inspired to share your testimony, I implore you to reach out to me at any time at I'd love to share as many testimonies as possible!

Lastly, a quick reminder to join us for Book Club on Wednesday at 7PM!

Zoom Meeting ID: 267 156 8312 | Passcode: bookclub Can't wait to chat with you about these amazing women in the bible!


My Help Comes from… the Lord Roberta’s Miracle Testimony

God has helped me to lose over 100 pounds! By the grace of God, I no longer have to take blood pressure medication. I feel great! How I feel now was triggered by a scary incident in February 2020. I fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital. Sadly, I never fully recovered. I had episodes of feeling exhausted, being light-headed, and I started to lose my hair. My doctor did not understand my symptoms, nor did I. However, My God understood everything. In July, I changed my prayer to say, “Lord help me to eat foods which are healthy for my body”. God put beef and black beans in my spirit. For several weeks, I ate beef and black beans as I was led by my Holy Spirit. One morning, I felt a lump under my stomach. My doctor requested a CT scan, along with additional testing which helped her to diagnose me with fibroids (which is a non-cancerous tumor), anemia, and gallbladder stones. All of my health issues can be linked back to living by my flesh for so many years. The fibroids which caused a heavy menstrual cycle led to all of my symptoms such as exhaustion, lightheadedness, and hair loss all due to anemia. The miracle is, the beef and black beans were treating my low iron (anemia), but the beans were also helping to destroy the fibroids.

God is good all the time! I was so overwhelmed, I praise GOD for taking such good care of me. I felt so much better knowing what was going on with my body… until I realized that I might have to have surgery… then the anxiety set in. I had trouble sleeping and focusing. I reached out to Pastor Kale for help. He said, “Let your trust in God take over. All unfortunate news is just another miracle God is ready and able to perform”. I felt better… the more I released to God the better I felt. I was sleeping well and my anxiety was diminishing. I am still waiting for my doctor to figure out a course of action, but I have faith while I am waiting, as I know that God is in control. Psalm 121:2 “My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth."

Roberta Cheatham

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1 Comment

Josie Brooks
Josie Brooks
Jan 20, 2021

What a beautiful testimony! The world needs to hear this see the results of God's love for us coupled with faith and action. To God be the Glory!

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