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The mission of the Single Parent Enrichment is to present information, identify resources, and introduce practical life skills towards a holistic approach to single parenting.

SPE - Vision Board Workshop 2021-FINALV2

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Single Parent Enrichment Series #2

When flying in an airplane, we hear the attendant say a version of "if the cabin should lose pressure use the oxygen masks for yourself first, then assist others".


Although, we are not in an airplane the turbulence of this past year has presented real challenges for our world and communities. Yet, there is hope, possibilities and opportunities to prepare for.

Nichole Brooks of Corning Community College Student Support Services will present Vision Boards/Vision Casting.

With vision casting we need to consider finances whether planning for a trip, education or childcare etc.

We are fortunate to have Tamara Phams, MHA, RHA join us again this year to help with realistic and sound principles relating to finances.

Finally, much of the turbulence in our world last year stemmed from COVID. We have the capable Laura Bingell, RN who will present COVID information.

We the committee applaud you the parent for reaching out and taking the time to be enriched and fortified on your journey ahead. We are here for you and we hope the best for you and your children.

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for their generous support